Sunday, February 12, 2012

Only the men who deserve a woman will obtain a woman

Luis Fernando Verissimo, Brazilian writer (Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, September 26, 1936)

The disrespect for nature has affected the survival of various beings, and among the most threatened is the female from human species.I have just one copy at home, I have with much zeal and dedication, but I really think that is her is who  keeps me going.Therefore, as a matter of self-survival, I launched the campaign "Save the women."Take from here my little knowledge on the physiology of femininity, in order that we may preserve the rare and precious specimens that remain:1. Habitat:
The woman can not live in captivity. If you are caged, flee or die inside. No chains that bind and which are subjected to the cage lose their DNA.
You never have the possession of a woman, what will bind to you is a fine line that needs to be reinforced daily.2. Eating right:
No one lives on the breeze. Women love attention. Give in abundance. It's up man, and if she does not get it from you, she will look for it from some else. Morning kisses and "I love you" to keep them beautiful breakfast and fragrant all day. A hug is like water daily for ferns. Do not leave dehydrated. At least once a month is necessary, if not mandatory, serve a special dish.

3. Flowers
They are also part of the menu.
Woman who receives flowers wilt rapidly and acquires masculine traits as the rough and harsh treatment.4. Respect nature:
Do not support the TPM (pre-menstrual tension)? Marry a man. Menstruating women, cry for anything, like to talk about how they did in the day, to discuss the relationship.
If you want to live with a woman, be prepared for that.5. Do not restrict your vanity:
It is of the woman hydrate fuses, nail polish, lipstick lie, be a day in the beauty parlor, collecting earrings, purchased many shoes, spending hours selecting clothes in a mall.
Understand this and be supportive.6. The female brain is not a myth
By insecurity, most men prefer not to believe in the existence of the female brain. Therefore, seek those who pretend not to have it (and some really retired). Then, hold: female brain is not woman, but a simple decorative object.
If you are tired of collecting figurines, try to relate to a woman.Some will show more gray matter with you. Do not run away, learn and grow with them. And do not worry, unlike what happens with men, intelligence does not work as a repellent for women.7. Do not shadow on her ...
If you want to be a great man has a woman at his side, never back. Thus, when it shines, you tan.
However, if she's back, you will kick your ass.8. Accept:
Women also have their own light and does not depend on us to shine. The wise man feeds his partner potentials and use them to motivate themselves.
He knows that preserving and cultivating the woman, he is saving himself.

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