Thursday, December 22, 2011

Here I Am Lord

What can I said,
I don’t have many words
Without emotion my
Heart feel unknown.
I would like to cry
But my tears are gone
I’m writing to you
To let you know
That I can’t survive this rock storm.
What can I do?
I feel all alone.
No friends to cry,
No arms for a hugs,
just a pen and papers to write;
And hoping that you care
What I have to tell you.
Many doors close,
No way to go,
Only a thorns path,
That hurts me when I walk.
So I come to you Lord
With a humble heart
And tears that I don’t
Want any more.
Show me you light
And I will go
Where you want me to be
But come now Lord
And make free me free

By Margaret