Friday, August 26, 2011


Many people wonder why if they accepted Christ as their Savior, and left their old way of living in the world, why a war has raised without quarter in they live. Now you are going through situations that you never thought you will be going through, such as illness, marital separation, financial problems, and family problems,  I'll tell you  why, because the moment you brought God to reform your life, you put  order in those  areas that were out of control in you, in other words you spend to get it up as Christian, a  great enemy Satan rise up against you. I tell you what happened to King Asa of Judah the king of the fourth generation of King David, 2 Chronicles 14, the king brings reform to the people of Judah knocks down the high places where they worship images, the sodomites out of the people, led the people to search for God and building walls around the city. And the Bible says that there was peace.
"5 He hath also the cities of Judah the high places and images, and the kingdom was at peace under his reign.
6 And he built fenced cities in Judah, because he had peace on earth, and he had no war in those days, because the Lord had given him peace. "
But what happens to the king,  an army is raised up against  him , an army of one million man of Ethiopia, 
"came out against them Zerah the Ethiopian with an army of one million men and three hundred chariots, and came up Maresa ". 

This army came to  made war, wanted  to take from them the  peace that God had given the people of Judah because he the king of Judah made everyone come back to do God wills.       


The same may be happening in your life, when  you made the deposition of  bringing  God reform your life, when you  broke  down the idolatry of the world in you, when  you rose the  blessing walls around  you,  when  you accept the designs of God  in your life, and then the  evil  army will   try to steal the  peace that God has given you  just because you have brought your life at the feet of Christ.  

But what do  you have to do? do as  King Asa did the following "And Asa cried unto the Lord your God, and said:! O Lord, to you it makes no difference to help, powerful or that have no power! Help us, O Lord our God, we rely on you, and in thy name we go against this multitude. Oh Lord, You are our God, not man prevails against thee. "Asa cried out to God, he recognized that God has no difference between His children to help them, that God is the only one who has the strength to knock down any opponent for larger or difficult you may be seeing it. Likewise we call on God knowing that He will help us, He will brought our enemies down, the peace that God has given you because you come to be part of the kingdom of God will not  be remove from you because of  any liar devil , well what  God has given you nothing and nobody is going to remove from you. Asa had won the blessing of peace,  he had divine protection from  God because he   brought the  reform of God  to the people of Judah, the same goes for you, you brought the reform of God into your life, the design of God into your life, you are living under God  laws, you now have  His word,  live in obedience ,under His authority, although the world lion roar, the Lion of the tribe of Judah roars louder Jesus amen . Hey, listen, what God has given you the devil will remove it from you; God will   rather remove all your enemies and deliver them to your hands.  . 
 "12 And the LORD discomfited the Ethiopians before Asa and before Judah: and the Ethiopians fled."
"And went out to meet Asa, and said, hear me, Asa and all Judah and Benjamin: The Lord is with you, while ye be with him, and if you seek him, he will be found of you, but if you forsake, he also shall leave you. "

So now  you know when the enemy come to try to take away your peace or any blessing you will call to God and He will come and give you the victory don’t you fear. 

God bless you all

Margaret Paniagua

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