Friday, March 9, 2012

Jesus touch bring dead to live

Luke 7:11-17
Tell us the story of a woman in the city of Nain, a widow with one son who had died. Jesus was accompanied by his disciple’s going to Nain, when he came to the door of the city; he saw a coffin with the body of the widow's only son.
Jesus saw this, felt he compassion of her and raised from the dead the young man.
Perhaps they will say Jesus was and God had the power to do this. Jesus did it because he had compassion of the pain of this woman who was all alone. In this case, no one was running to Jesus to say "oh Jesus we need you” but passing through that city he saw the need and acted on behalf of the widow. You've seen the situation where you go through a situation and before cry out to God, He is acting on your behalf?  Meditate on    this. We have a God who loves us and always ensures his creation and even more for His children.
Let’s see what Jesus did to resurrect this young man:
1. Jesus had compassion.
He knows what we go through and what we need
2. Jesus touched the coffin.
Jesus touches your situation, even though if is all ready dead and He gives life to it.
3. Jesus spoke. Jesus spoke to him and ordered the young man to rise up from the dead. That power He has given to us to make declarations according to the word of faith.
When we speak of faith for a better situation for illness, money problems, family, doing the decree make God hear and touch to transform the situations in your life.
4. Jesus gave the boy to the mother alive. open your hands in faith, that Jesus will deliver the answer that you are  waiting for. What you think that is  lost and without solution, Jesus will hand it over to you  alive in your hands.
He is great and powerful, loves us and has compassion of us.

We walk not by sight but by faith, Jesus is our faith, He knows what we go through and touch the situation to transform the needs in abundance, illness in a good health, the poverty in wealth, the war in peace.
The touch of Jesus transforms.  THE TOUCH OF JESUS MAKE THE DEAD COME TO LIVE
Jesus is life
John 11, 1-40:

"A man named Lazarus was ill ... Martha said to Jesus, "Lord, if you had been here, my brother had not died" ... Jesus said: "I am the resurrection and the life. He that believeth in me, though he die, shall live and whoever lives and believes in me shall never die" ...
The dead came from the grave. "

Margaret God bless you!

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