Sunday, July 17, 2011


Acts 9:36-41
In the city of Joppa was a woman named Tabitha in Aramaic and Greek Dorca, which means gazelle. Tabitha or Dorcas was a disciples of Peter, she worked for the kingdom of God, her job was to help widows and orphan . One day she dies and everyone around her cried a lot, and other went looking for Peter, him came to her  body of  and the he said,  women rise up and Dorcas rise up from  the dead
First let's see what does the name Tabitha o Dorca? It  means gazelle.

What is a gazelle is a medium-sized antelope,  super fast, with long legs, reaching speeds of 100 km / h speed holds a 50 km / h, the gazelle to survive in a free field is always alert at all times to avoid be easy prey for predators, do not sleep only 1 hour a day for sections of 5 to 6 minutes. The gazelle is considered a symbol of kindness and elegance

The town where Dorca used to life the name was  Joppa  that means beauty,  grace.
Tabitha or Dorca possessed the qualities of her name, was quick to help, she was always careful, thinking on what can she be  useful,  was wise in what she did , she also  lived in Joppa that means grace and beauty of God.

I want to tell you women, that  like Tabitha time may come  when  you’re going feel like you’re dying, maybe because of what you are living in the moment where you don’t see any open doors,  it could be that you are not seeing  yet what God has told you, and people around you instead of giving encouragement they  cry with you, but Jesus is by your side telling you women get up, rise up take your  position as daughter of the kingdom. Women are made too as  God's image and Genesis 1:27 "So God created man in His own image, the image of God created he him: male and female he created them"
woman God created you to be helpful    not as a slave, not as an object, the man can not be complete without the woman next them , working for the Kingdom og God Genesis 2:19.

Today woman  God said to you that you’re  just  like a gazelle fast, agile, always  alert, gentle, elegant and take your place in the position of the daughter King, lives in Joppa in grace and beauty in the beauty of God, in the supernatural world of God, take  action in the Kingdom, decree, declare, make the  prophecies that God has told you come true, just because you believe it.  Be wise and talk to the situation, speak god will in you live and you will seE the changes happening around, change your environment  by  speaking God’s word. Women you have all you need to be successful, just have to be a gazelle in God hands.

Today God tell you women rise up, shine , go away from legalism, religiosity, slavery, vain belief that they have only delayed the ministry's in your spiritual womb. Give born to you dreams and hope by letting God heal your soul.
Woman you're special symbol of elegance, enters and takes possession of your  blessing and yours dream, don’t let no one  come against you.

Isaiah 52:1-2
Isaiah 54:1-4
Isaiah 60:1


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